Mark Lembo

Executive Director

Mark lembo is a native Long Islander who has resided in Suffolk County for the last 50 years. He has worked in the defense industry over the past 35 years and supplied fire and safety equipment to both the Navy and Army during both Gulf Wars through Tool and Equipment Services, a company founded and operated by him.

In 1998 Mark founded Aluminum Technologies and Electronics, a cutting-edge international Technology Company that introduced high-end technologies to the US Military and commercial markets to be used in the US Transportation, Education, and Security industries.

Mark has been active in community affairs through his school district, local government, and civic organizations. He has served as the President of the Shoreham Wading River Board of Education, he is a member of Brookhaven Supervisor Brian Foley's Economic Development Transition Team, and is currently serving as a member of the Riverhead Small Business Advisory Committee.

Mark has learned over the years that Long Island's Environmental and Economic well-being are one and the same. By founding Sound Energy Alternatives Coalition he combine his years of experience in the technology field and extensive devotion to his community to develop and implement clean alternative energy sources on Long Island.

Hugh Gershon


Hugh Gershon holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University received in 1974. While continuously providing architectural services and designing various building types for almost forty years he continues to have a strong interest in Life & Fire Safety as a licensed and registered architect in the States of New York and Florida. His education and experience includes 16 years of participation in the Codes & Standards Development Industry as a Member of the American Institute of Architects and role on the AIA National Building Performance and Regulatory Committee and Steering Group, along with over 14 years experience as a Certified Code Enforcement Officer in the State of New York, as well as legislative appointment and re-appointment over a twelve year period to a Pubic Quasi Judicial position as Member and Past Chairman of what is today known as the Long Island Board of Review, the Regional Board dealing with appeals and variances to the State Building Code of New York State. He is also a past president of the American Institute of Architects, Long Island Chapter. Additionally, years of Code & Standards Research for the insurance industry, research related to legal issues, and continuing education, all provide a backdrop and account for his expert status in the field of regulatory information processing and approval.

Application work is a fact of life in the construction industry. As a teenager working for his father who was also an architect he has filed hundreds if not thousands of applications for approval, permit, completion, occupancy, materials, equipment, and zoning in the city of New York. Working in all five boroughs on very large building projects, and later as the principle of his own architectural firm applications have been made and supervised on a host of building projects in New York and other states. When not working for the private sector he has approved applications for permit on Long Island and guided approvals for appeals and variances to the State Building Code on behalf of local and State Government.

Hugh Gershon is interested in emerging directions and developments related to the green energy technological revolution now occurring and is uniquely positioned to help analyze and plan with his specialized knowledge and understanding to account for the physical expression of such new equipment, physical enclosures, and procedures in order to conform to standards currently evolving. This has everything to do with responsible low cost power in order to foster green initiatives that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Mayan Metzler

MyHome Co-founder and President Mayan Metzler has been working on the corporate side of the home renovation and construction market for almost a decade, both managing individual projects and overseeing brand development. He began his career in the sales end of the industry brokering projects to eager clients looking to improve their homes, and thus, their lives. After years of learning the ins and outs of the contracting business from the client's perspective, he began to see a new way of brokering home renovation projects for the client's maximum benefit. By creating a way of serving any and all of a client's needs from idea to actualization, Metzler began developing the full-service concept that would soon become the hallmark of the MyHome Corporation. As the nation's first all-inclusive renovation brand with the corporate resources to manage any part of a renovation or construction project, MyHome has become one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation according to INC, Magazine.

Metzler's interest in green development stems from the positive buying experience he created for his MyHome clientele. Seeking to expand that positive experience to the social sector, Metzler soon began to see the impact that going green can have not only on the environment but also in connecting a large group of individuals to a greater calling that benefited the members of the group as well as their community. With the understanding that today's developers have tremendous power to influence climate change, Metzler soon created the MyPlanet International Consortium for green building to implement large-scale change and community benefit through energy-efficiency and sustainable-development protocols. MyPlanet's goals are to make building green easy and accessible to the client by providing full-service green development solutions worldwide.